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Things learned from Game Jam 4 and plan to do before Game Jam 5

2011-04-19 21:53:21 by Lambinvoker

Things learned from Game Jam 4
- Instructions need to be given progressively through gameplay/tutorial ; not just solely through instruction screens
- Difficulty needs to be bell curved and available at different levels; my huge mistake was making the game too hard too fast
- Character animation with the png strip rule is a bitch for my artists; I need to come up with a better method of importing artwork into flixel

Things to do before Game Jam 5
- Learn how to implement ads into the flixel library
- Learn how to implement medals into the flixel library
- Learn how to modify the flixel preloader and include my own customizable version
- Learn how to use flash movie clips for character and objects instead of pngs
- Learn how to insert different objects of different sizes into the game based off its two dimensional array data


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2011-04-19 22:53:20

i really should enter one of these Game Jams...

It could help me be known.

(Updated ) Lambinvoker responds:

I don't think Game Jams aren't really for getting your name out there. I think they are about meeting other artists, programmers, and other talent and working together under a great deal of pressue just to reach an ambitious goal in a very short amount of time. More than anything, the Game Jams have been a wonderful motivator and practice method. I've only participated in two Jams so far and I've learned so much.


2011-06-03 09:00:44

Things learned from Game Jam 4:
Don't let a loser like banglaboy86 on your team.

Lambinvoker responds:

96. I'm ten years older than that kid.


2011-06-18 10:37:24

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